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From Fritz Budiyanto <fbudi...@icloud.com>
Subject Evicting elements in EventTimeSessionWindow
Date Mon, 27 Feb 2017 18:12:08 GMT
Hi All,

How do I evict elements from EventTimeSessionWindow ?

My use case as follow: I have a long duration session window, and I’d like to do some processing
on every minute and perform regular sink. I use ContinuousEventTimeTrigger to do the job,
as the session could last for hours (or even days) where large number of new elements kept
on coming in. 

I’d like to evict these elements which I already processed from the previous trigger. Evicting
elements is necessary for us to release unused large number of elements which already processed
in the previous trigger, and also we don’t want to continuously processing these elements
over and over again through out the continuous trigger. I tried to set evictor, but it is
not allowed for MergingWindow type.

Any thought, comments, or suggestions ?



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