I think you can also use Kerberos in the standalone mode in 1.1.x, but is is more tricky - you need do a "kinit" on every host where you launch a Flink process.

Flink 1.2 has better Kerberos support.

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Hi Stephan:

          Thanks for your reply.

You mean the CLIJMTMWebUI  have supported Kerberos authentication only in yarn cluster model in 1.1.x release


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Flink 1.1.x supports Kerberos for Hadoop (HDFS, YARN, HBase) via Hadoop's ticket system. It should work via kinit, in the same way when submitting a secure MapReduce job.


Kerberos for ZooKeeper, Kafka, etc, is only part of the 1.2 release.






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     Now I use Flink 1.1.4 release in standalone cluster model. I want to do the Kerberos authentication between Flink CLI and the Jobmanager. But in the flink-conf.yaml, there is no Flink cluster security configuration.

Does the Kerberos authentication works in Flink 1.1.4 release?

Thanks in advance!