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From Duck <k...@protonmail.com>
Subject Dummy DataStream
Date Thu, 26 Jan 2017 20:07:43 GMT
I have a project where i am reading in on a single DataStream from Kafka, then sending to a
variable number of handlers based on content of the recieved data, after that i want to join
them all. Since i do not know how many different streams this will create, i cannot have a
single "base" to performa a Join operation on. So my question is, can i create a "dummy /
empty" DataStream<MyObject> to use as a join basis?

1) DataStream<MyObject> all = ..
2) Create a List<DataStream<MyObject>> myList;
3) Then i split the "all" datastream based on content, and add each stream to "myList"
4) I now parse each of the different streams....
5) I now want to join my list of streams, "myList" to a DataStream<MyObject> all_joined_again;

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