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From Chakravarthy varaga <chakravarth...@gmail.com>
Subject Increasing parallelism skews/increases overall job processing time linearly
Date Thu, 05 Jan 2017 13:21:37 GMT
Hi All,

I have a job as attached.

I have a 16 Core blade running RHEL 7. The taskmanager default number of
slots is set to 1. The source is a kafka stream and each of the 2
sources(topic) have 2 partitions each.

*What I notice is that when I deploy a job to run with #parallelism=2 the
total processing time doubles the time it took when the same job was
deployed with #parallelism=1. It linearly increases with the parallelism.*
Since the numberof slots is set to 1 per TM, I would assume that the job
would be processed in parallel in 2 different TMs and that each consumer in
each TM is connected to 1 partition of the topic. This therefore should
have kept the overall processing time the same or less !!!

The co-flatmap connects the 2 streams & uses ValueState (checkpointed in
FS). I think this is distributed among the TMs. My understanding is that
the search of values state could be costly between TMs.  Do you sense
something wrong here?

Best Regards

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