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From Abdul Salam Shaikh <abd.salam.sha...@gmail.com>
Subject Regarding ordering of events
Date Thu, 05 Jan 2017 10:57:06 GMT

I am using a JSON file as the source for the streaming (in the ascending
order of the field Umlaufsekunde)which has events as follows:


However, when I try to print the stream, it is unordered as given below:
1> (*115*,null,1483517983252,1190)  -- The first value indicating
2> (135,null,1483517984877,1190)
2> (155,null,1483517986861,1190)
4> (145,null,1483517985752,1190)
3> (135,null,1483517985424,1190)
4> (195,null,1483517990736,1190)
4> (255,null,1483517997424,1190)
2> (205,null,1483517991518,1190)
2> (275,null,1483517999330,1190)
2> (385,null,1483518865371,1190)
2> (395,null,1483518866840,1190)
1> (155,null,1483517986533,1190)
4> (285,null,1483518000189,1190)
4> (395,null,1483518866231,1190)

I have also tried using the Timestamps and Watermarks but no luck as

public class TimestampExtractor implements
AssignerWithPeriodicWatermarks<Tuple5<String, Long, List<Lane>, Long,

    private long currentMaxTimestamp;

    public Watermark getCurrentWatermark() {
        return new Watermark(currentMaxTimestamp);

    public long extractTimestamp(Tuple5<String, Long> element, long
previousElementTimestamp) {
        long timestamp = element.getField(1);
        currentMaxTimestamp = timestamp;
        return currentMaxTimestamp;


Could anyone suggest how do I handle this problem for the arrival of events
in order ?


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