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From Gwenhael Pasquiers <gwenhael.pasqui...@ericsson.com>
Subject RE: Making batches of small messages
Date Thu, 12 Jan 2017 09:09:50 GMT

We are waiting for the 1.2 release eagerly ☺

From: Fabian Hueske [mailto:fhueske@gmail.com]
Sent: mercredi 11 janvier 2017 18:32
To: user@flink.apache.org
Subject: Re: Making batches of small messages

I think this is a case for the ProcessFunction that was recently added and will be included
in Flink 1.2.
ProcessFunction allows to register timers (so the 5 secs timeout can be addressed). You can
maintain the fault tolerance guarantees if you collect the records in managed state. That
way they will be included in checkpoints and restored in case of a failure.
If you are on Flink 1.1.x, you will need to implement a custom operator which is a much more
low-level interface.
Best, Fabian

2017-01-11 17:16 GMT+01:00 Gwenhael Pasquiers <gwenhael.pasquiers@ericsson.com<mailto:gwenhael.pasquiers@ericsson.com>>:

Sorry if this was already asked.

For performances reasons (streaming as well as batch) I’d like to “group” messages (let’s
say by batches of 1000) before sending them to my sink (kafka, but mainly ES) so that I have
a smaller overhead.

I’ve seen the “countWindow” operation but if I’m not wrong the parallelism of such
an operation is 1. Moreover I’d need some “timeout” (send the current batch to next
operator after 5s if it did not reach 1000 messages before that).

I could also create a flatMap “String to List<String>” that cumulates messages until
it reaches 1000 and then sends them to output, however that does not solve the timeout issue
(not sure I could call out.collect() from a Timer thread), and even more importantly I’m
afraid that that would screw up the exactly-once policy (flink could not know that I was stacking
messages, I could very well be filtering them) in case of a crash.

My Sink could also create the chunks, with it’s own timer / counter, but I’m also afraid
that it would bread the exactly-once thingie since in case of crash there is no way that flink
would know if the message was really sent or stacked …

Is there a proper way to do what I want ?

Thanks in advance,


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