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From Joe Olson <technol...@nododos.com>
Subject Quick Flink use case question...
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2016 18:53:30 GMT
Suppose my goal is to answer the question: "Show me all the continuous time intervals a stock
price was over X between times T1 and T2". 

The response I am looking for is an array of Tuple2s, each of which represent a start / end
timestamp when the stock was above price X. There might be a lot of these if a stock is bouncing
between a tight channel. 

If the stock is currently over X, the current timestamp. 

I want to be able to arbitrarily set T1 and T2. These might span a year, they might span a
few hours. 

Is this an appropriate state /queryable state problem for Flink? Can I store this information
permanently in Flink, or should I emit completed timestamps to a persistent data store, and
then query both Flink and the other data store for the information? 


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