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From Daniel Santos <dsan...@cryptolab.net>
Subject JVM Non Heap Memory
Date Tue, 29 Nov 2016 14:26:15 GMT

Is it common to have high usage of Non-Heap in JVM ?

I am running flink in stand-alone cluster and in docker, with each 
docker bieng capped at 6G of memory.

I have been struggling to keep memory usage in check.

The non-heap increases to no end. It start with just 100MB of usage and 
after a day it reaches to 1,3GB.

Then evetually reaches to 2GB and then eventually the docker is killed 
because it has reached the memory limit.

My configuration for each flink task manager is the following :

----------- flink-conf.yaml --------------

taskmanager.heap.mb: 3072
taskmanager.numberOfTaskSlots: 8
taskmanager.memory.preallocate: false
taskmanager.network.numberOfBuffers: 12500
taskmanager.memory.off-heap: false


What would be the possible causes of such behavior ?

Best Regards,

Daniel Santos

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