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From Steven Ruppert <ste...@fullcontact.com>
Subject Flink streaming with 1+ TB of managed state
Date Sat, 19 Nov 2016 00:41:35 GMT

Is anybody currently running flink streaming with north of a terabyte
(TB) of managed state? If you are, can you share your experiences wrt
hardware, tuning, recovery situations, etc?

I'm evaluating flink for a use case I estimate will take around 5TB of
state in total, but looking at the actual implementation of the
rocksDB state and current lack of incremental checkpointing or
recovery, it doesn't seem feasible.

I have successfully tested flink up to roughly 90GB of managed state
in rocksDB, but that's taking 5 minutes to checkpoint or recover (on a
pretty beefy YARN cluster).

For most cases, my state updates are idempotent and can be moved to
something external. However, it'd be nice to know of any current of
future plans for running flink at the terabyte scale.


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