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From Tomas Knap <t.k...@semantic-web.at>
Subject RDF/SPARQL and Flink
Date Tue, 15 Nov 2016 14:47:28 GMT
Good afternoon,

Currently we are using UnifiedViews (unifiedviews.eu) for RDF data
processing. So you may define various RDF data processing tasks in
UnifiedViews, e.g.: 1) extract data from certain SPARQL endpoint A, 2)
extract data from certain folder and convert it to RDF, 3) merge RDF data
outputted by these two sources, 4) execute series of SPARQL update queries
on top of that, 5) load to the target repository.

We are thinking about using Apache Flink as a backend for executing the RDF
data processing tasks (to scale out). But what is still not clear to us is
how these kind of tasks processing RDF data (as the one above) may be
supported with Flink. For example, how would you read RDF data, how would
you support in Flink plugins which execute SPARQL update/construct queries?

If you can share with us some materials regarding processing of RDF data in
Flink, support of SPARQL (Update) queries in Flink etc. that would be great
and will help us to decide about future steps!

Tomas Knap

*Tomas Knap, PhD*
Technical Consultant & Researcher

Semantic Web Company GmbH
EU: +43-1-4021235
US: (415) 800-3776

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