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From Tarandeep Singh <tarand...@gmail.com>
Subject Exception while running Flink jobs (1.0.0)
Date Mon, 03 Oct 2016 19:49:53 GMT

I am using flink-1.0.0 and running ETL (batch) jobs on it for quite some
time (few months) without any problem. Starting this morning, I have been
getting errors like these-

"Received an event in channel 3 while still having data from a record. This
indicates broken serialization logic. If you are using custom serialization
code (Writable or Value types), check their serialization routines. In the
case of Kryo, check the respective Kryo serializer."

My datasets are in Avro format. The only thing that changed today is - I
moved to smaller cluster. When I first ran the ETL jobs, they failed with
this error-

"Insufficient number of network buffers: required 20, but only 10
available. The total number of network buffers is currently set to 20000.
You can increase this number by setting the configuration key

I increased number of buffers to 30k. Also decreased number of slots per
machine as I noticed load per machine was too high. After that, when I
restart the jobs, I am getting the above error.

Can someone please help me debug it?

Thank you,

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