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From Sameer W <sam...@axiomine.com>
Subject Side Inputs vs. Connected Streams
Date Mon, 03 Oct 2016 12:31:06 GMT

I read the Side Inputs
design document. How does it compare to using ConnectedStreams with respect
to handling the ordering of streams transparently?

One of the challenges I have with ConnectedStreams is I need to buffer main
input if the rules stream has not arrived yet. Does this automatically go
away with Side Inputs? Will the call to  String sideValue =

block if the side input is not available yet? And is the reverse also true?

Alternatively, if my rules are not large in number and I want to broadcast
them to all nodes is the below equivalent to using SideInputs where side
inputs are broadcast to all nodes and ensure that the side input is
evaluated before the main input:

DataStream ds4 = ds3.connect(dsSide.broadcast());

Will the above ensure that dsSide is always available before ds3 elements
arrive on the connected stream. Am I correct in assuming that ds2 changes
will continue to be broadcast to ds3 (with no ordering guarantees between
ds3 and dsSide, ofcourse).


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