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From Paul Wilson <paulalexwil...@gmail.com>
Subject Remote upload and execute
Date Fri, 02 Sep 2016 12:38:32 GMT

I'd like to write a client that can execute an already 'uploaded' JAR (i.e.
the JAR is deployed and available by some other external process). This is
similar to what the web console allows which consists of 2 steps: upload
the JAR followed by a submit with parameters.

I'm looking at the Flink client however ClusterClient appears to require
a PackagedProgram or local access to the required JAR. However I do not
want to have to re-upload the JAR each time (I don't even want the client
to have access to the JAR).

Is there some way to specify that the JAR is available on some filesystem
(s3) location. have that cached in Flink more locally and then trigger a
parameterised execution of that from a client?


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