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From Govindarajan Srinivasaraghavan <govindragh...@gmail.com>
Subject Questions on flink
Date Sat, 24 Sep 2016 17:32:06 GMT

I'm working on apache flink for data streaming and I have few questions.
Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

1) Are there any restrictions on creating tumbling windows. For example, if
I want to create a tumbling window per user id for 2 secs and let’s say if
I have more than 10 million user id's would that be a problem. (I'm using
keyBy user id and then creating a timeWindow for 2 secs)? How are these
windows maintained internally in flink?

2) I looked at rebalance for round robin partitioning. Let’s say I have a
cluster set up and if I have a parallelism of 1 for source and if I do a
rebalance, will my data be shuffled across machines to improve performance?
If so is there a specific port using which the data is transferred to other
nodes in the cluster?

3) Are there any limitations on state maintenance? I'm planning to maintain
some user id related data which could grow very large. I read about flink
using rocks db to maintain the state. Just wanted to check if there are any
limitations on how much data can be maintained?

4) Also where is the state maintained if the amount of data is less? (I
guess in JVM memory) If I have several machines on my cluster can every
node get the current state version?

5) I need a way to send external configuration changes to flink. Lets say
there is a new parameter that has to added or an external change which has
to be updated inside flink's state, how can this be done?


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