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From David Koch <ogd...@googlemail.com>
Subject FlinkCEP for large key spaces and long timeouts between events
Date Thu, 15 Sep 2016 16:13:55 GMT

Is FlinkCEP applicable to large key spaces with potentially long timeouts
between events that define a pattern? Ideally, without ridiculous hardware.

More concretely, we segment users (one key per user) based on sequences of
events for that user.

A segment "Abandoned Cart" may be defined by adding items during a browsing
session but no purchase event within the following 5 days. The number of
users is between 1 and 10 million.

Is this type of segmentation scenario a viable use case for FlinkCEP?

We currently segment by building incremental profiles in ES which are then
"matched against segment definition queries" using ES percolators. In
short, we incur costs when interacting with ES.



PS: Thanks for FlinkForward 2016, very interesting presentations and
equally important excellent catering ;-)

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