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From "Ciar, David B." <dcia...@ceh.ac.uk>
Subject Window Functions with Incremental Aggregation
Date Mon, 01 Aug 2016 16:22:35 GMT
Hello everyone,

I'm trying to understand how I can use the Incremental Aggregation + Window Functions, as
I've been unsuccessfully trying for a while now.

The use-case is one where I have a stream of objects, I want to count the number of objects
within a sliding window, and then within the window compare the count against a Redis threshold
value, then emit a new type of object with the count, the window meta-data, and a boolean
of whether the threshold was reached.

The individual parts I understand, but it is getting the fold and window function correct
that is giving me trouble.  The stripped down code for example is here:


I think one issue is that what I want to do may not be possible, as when I look at the apply(accumulator,
fold, window) definition here:


..I think that the apply function needs to output a DataStream of the same type that the fold
function uses as an aggregator, is this correct?

At the moment I get the error that apply does not have a matching signature, even when I changed
the window function to return an Int.

I'm using version 1.1.0 artefacts from https://repository.apache.org/content/repositories/orgapacheflink-1098/.

Any help or links would be great, I've tried searching the mailing list but I wasn't able
to find anything that's close to this situation that I could use,



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