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From Paul Joireman <paul.joire...@physiq.com>
Subject CountTrigger FIRE or FIRE_AND_PURGE
Date Mon, 29 Aug 2016 22:25:46 GMT
Hi all,

I'm attempting to use long SlidingEventTime window (duration 24 hours) but I would like updates
more frequently than the 24 hour length.  I naeively attempted to use a simple CountTrigger(10)
to give me the window every time 10 samples are collected, however, the window processing
function I'm using only seems to get the latest 10 not the whole window (which I what I was
hoping for).   The code looks like it simply fires after the count is reached but it seems
like it is doing a FIRE and PURGE, I cant' seem to use the iterator in the window processing
function to get more than 10 elements at a time.  Is there something I'm missing in order
to get at the full content of the window data.


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