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From Paul Joireman <paul.joire...@physiq.com>
Subject Setting EventTime window width using stream data
Date Tue, 30 Aug 2016 19:28:29 GMT
Hi all,

Is it possible to dynamically set the size/width of a SlidingEventTimeWindow based on a data
coming from the stream?   Our use case is as follows.   We create a

stream sourced from external system and coming in as a JSON string which is deserialized to
a stream of POJO.    The deserialized object contains an event timestamp,

data and details about how to analyze the contained data as well as the length of a time window
to analyze.    It would be ideal if we could leverage the functionality of the

SlidingEventTimeWindows but instead of hard coding the window times, use data from the message
to configure this on the fly.   Is this possible?

Note: the stream is keyed and timestamped with event time and the window size will not change
for the same key.

Ultimately we need a way to dynamically change the window sizes in order to adjust to different
timing specifications not directly controlled or even known before-hand by

the person writing the flink analysis program.


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