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From Hironori Ogibayashi <ogibaya...@gmail.com>
Subject "Failed to retrieve JobManager address" in Flink 1.1.1 with JM HA
Date Tue, 23 Aug 2016 05:24:38 GMT

After I upgraded to 1.1.1, I am getting error when submitting job with
"flink run"

The command and result is like this. It has been working with Flink 1.0.3.

 % FLINK_CONF_DIR=~/opt/flink/conf ~/opt/flink/flink-1.1.1/bin/flink
run -c MyJob target/my-flink-job.jar

 The program finished with the following exception:

java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed to retrieve JobManager address
        at org.apache.flink.client.program.ClusterClient.getJobManagerAddressFromConfig(ClusterClient.java:244)
        at org.apache.flink.client.program.StandaloneClusterClient.getClusterIdentifier(StandaloneClusterClient.java:78)
        at org.apache.flink.client.CliFrontend.createClient(CliFrontend.java:887)
        at org.apache.flink.client.CliFrontend.run(CliFrontend.java:237)
        at org.apache.flink.client.CliFrontend.parseParameters(CliFrontend.java:1005)
        at org.apache.flink.client.CliFrontend.main(CliFrontend.java:1048)
Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: hostname can't be null
        at java.net.InetSocketAddress.checkHost(InetSocketAddress.java:149)
        at java.net.InetSocketAddress.<init>(InetSocketAddress.java:216)
        at org.apache.flink.client.program.ClusterClient.getJobManagerAddressFromConfig(ClusterClient.java:242)
        ... 5 more

I am using JobManager HA and I set "recovery.mode: zookeeper",
recovery.zookeeper.quorum, recovery.zookeeper.path.root is my
So, the client should be able to get JobManager address from zookeeper.
If I explicitly specify JobManager address with -m option, it works.

Am I missing something?

Hironori Ogibayashi

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