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From Theodore Vasiloudis <theodoros.vasilou...@gmail.com>
Subject Having a single copy of an object read in a RichMapFunction
Date Fri, 05 Aug 2016 00:56:10 GMT
Hello all,

for a prototype we are looking into we would like to read a big matrix from
HDFS, and for every element that comes in a stream of vectors do on
multiplication with the matrix. The matrix should fit in the memory of one

We can read in the matrix using a RichMapFunction, but that would mean
that a copy of the matrix is made for each Task Slot AFAIK, if the
RichMapFunction is instantiated once per Task Slot.

So I'm wondering how should we try address this problem, is it possible to
have just one copy of the object in memory per TM?

As a follow-up if we have more than one TM per node, is it possible to
share memory between them? My guess is that we have to look at some
external store for that.


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