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From Adam Warski <a...@warski.org>
Subject Flink 1.1 event-time windowing changes from 1.0.3
Date Sat, 06 Aug 2016 10:33:18 GMT

I have a very simple stream where I window data using event-time.
As a data source I’m using a CSV file, sorted by increasing timestamps.

Here’s the source:

val env = StreamExecutionEnvironment.getExecutionEnvironment

val lines = env.readTextFile(csvFileName)

  .flatMap { l => parseLine(l) }
  .assignAscendingTimestamps(t => t.timestampSeconds * 1000L)
  .keyBy(t => t.key)
  .timeWindow(Time.minutes(30), Time.minutes(5))
  .fold(0)((c, _) => c+1)
  .addSink { c =>


This used to work fine in 1.0.3, that is the aggregate counts are printed to stdout.

However after updating to 1.1, nothing happens - I can see the stages being initialized (switching
state from SCHEDULED to DEPLOYING to RUNNING), but then immediately going to FINISHED, without
printing anything out.

If I add a .map {x => println(x); x} after .assignAscendingTimestamps I can see the data
flowing - so data *is* being read, just somehow the windowing causes it to be lost?

Any ideas on where to look for possible causes?


Adam Warski

http://twitter.com/#!/adamwarski <http://twitter.com/#!/adamwarski>
http://www.softwaremill.com <http://www.softwaremill.com/>
http://www.warski.org <http://www.warski.org/>

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