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From Bart Wyatt <bart.wy...@dsvolition.com>
Subject Ordering expectations of data
Date Fri, 12 Aug 2016 20:48:17 GMT
​Hello all,

We have a kafka topic with lots of partitions where data is partitioned by an upstream publisher
on "session".

In flink we read this topic and another single partition topic which contains configuration
definitions for a little flatMap based operation.  We also do a little bit of processing on
the incoming data before combining it with the configuration in a soft  join-like operation.

forgive the ascii art:

N-partition Kafka "Data" source -> Map -----\
                                             |-> connect -> CoFlatMap -> ...
1-partition Kafka "Config" source -> global-/

What we *think* are seeing is that this is broken up into 3 tasks and that the ordering of
events in the kafka "Data" source isn't maintained when we see it in the CoFlatMap.  I have
tried to add a custom partitioner on "Session" before the connect and it seemed to not help.
 I can't use KeyBy because the Config stream has no "Session key"

Should we be able to assume anything about ordering of events without explicitly windowing/sorting/chaining?


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