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From Yassin Marzouki <yassmar...@gmail.com>
Subject No output when using event time with multiple Kafka partitions
Date Mon, 25 Jul 2016 13:39:13 GMT
Hi everyone,

I am reading messages from a Kafka topic with 2 partitions and using event
time. This is my code:

.assignTimestampsAndWatermarks(new AscendingTimestampExtractor<Request>() {
    public long extractAscendingTimestamp(Request req) {
        return req.ts;
.apply((TimeWindow window, Iterable<Request> iterable, Collector<String>
collector) -> {
    collector.collect("Window: " + window.toString());
    for (Request req : iterable) {

I could get an output only when setting the kafka source parallelism to 1. I
guess that is because messages from multiple partitions arrive out-of-order
to the timestamp exctractor according to this thread
So I replaced the AscendingTimestampExtractor with a
BoundedOutOfOrdernessGenerator as in the documentation example
a higher delay) in order to handle out-of-order events, but I still can't
get any output. Why is that?


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