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From Adrian Bartnik <bart...@campus.tu-berlin.de>
Subject Flink programm with for loop yields wrong results when run in parallel
Date Mon, 04 Jul 2016 09:56:06 GMT

I have a Flink programm, which outputs wrong results once I set the 
parallelism to a value larger that 1.
If I run the programm with parallelism 1, everything works fine.

The algorithm works on one input dataset, which will iteratively be 
split until the desired output split size is reached.
The way how to split the cluster in each iteration is also determined 


val input = DataSet

for (currentSplitNumber <- 1 to numberOfSplits) { // Split dataset until 
desired #splits was reached
     // Iteratively compute best split
     Dataset determinedSplit = Iteration involving input

     // Split dataset to 2 smaller ones
     val tmpDataSet1 = determinedSplit.filter(x ==1) ...
     val tmpDataSet2 = determinedSplit.filter(x ==0) ...

     tmpDataSet1.count() // These are necessary, to store the size of 
each split

     // Store tmpDataSet1 and 2 as they are needed in one of the next 
loop executions (as dataset to be split)


In all comes down to 2 nested loops, one of which can be replaced by a 
As nested iterations are not supported yet, I do not know how to avoid 
the outer loop.

Is this a know problem, and if yes, what would be a solution?


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