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From "Paschek, Robert" <robert.pasc...@tu-berlin.de>
Subject Serialization of "not a valid POJO type"
Date Sat, 30 Jul 2016 10:04:25 GMT
Hi Mailing List,

according to my questions (and your answers!) at this topic

I have eliminated my ArrayList<T> in my collect methods. Additional I want to emit partial
results. My mapper has the following layout:

ArrayList<ArrayList<Tuple>  structure = ...

For (Tuple tuple : input) {
While(WorkNotDone) {

Instead of emitting the partial result as an ArrayList<T> ("not a valid POJO type")
I do now iterate through this ArrayList<T> and emit each Tuple as Tuple2.of(Integer.valueOf(this.partitionIndex),
While iterating through this ArrayList and emitting tuples, my mapper seems to be blocked
and can't continue to doSomeWorkOnStructure().

So I have three questions:

-          If I change back to emitting the ArrayList<T> would my Mapper also be blocked
until Flink has serialized this ArrayList<T>? Or is Serialization done independent from
my Mapper?

-          If emitting the ArrayList<T> won't block my Mapper, which variant would be
more performant?

-          If I emit ArrayList<T>, but additionally implement a combiner, which

o   Merges all local ArrayLists<T> with the same partitionIndex

o   Iterates through the local-merged ArrayLists<T> and emits the containing tuples
would that be the best variant? Because the combining is done locally, I would assume that
no Serialization is required between Mapper and Combiner. Also, the Mapper is probably not
blocked with emitting tuples and can continue doSomeWorkOnStructure()

Thank you in advance!

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