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From iƱaki williams <juanramall...@gmail.com>
Subject Maxby() and KeyBy() question
Date Thu, 09 Jun 2016 12:36:22 GMT
Hi again!

I am working with two DataStreams, I want to get the maximun value from
each pair of them, for example:

//Informacion (matchName, LocalOdd, AwayOdd)

        Informacion info1= new Informacion("Match1", 1.10, 3.22);
        Informacion info2= new Informacion("Match2", 2.11, 1.10);
        Informacion info3= new Informacion("Match3", 4.10, 1.05);

        Informacion info11= new Informacion("Match1", 1.80, 2.20);
        Informacion info22= new Informacion("Match2", 3.10, 1.15);
        Informacion info33= new Informacion("Match3", 2.12, 1.25);

        DataStream<Informacion> src = see.fromElements(info1,info2, info3);
        DataStream<Informacion> src2 =
        DataStream<Informacion> src3= src.union(src2);

        DataStream<Informacion> maxLocal =


Let's suppose that those are tennis matches with their names and their bet
odds, and the name of the matches are the same on both streams, I mean
Match1=Match1 , Match2=Match2 .... (Image that match 1 name is "Rafa Nadal
- Roger Federer").

I want to get the maximun localOdd from matches with the same name, the
result of my code is:

1> Informacion [matchName=Match2, localOdd=2.11, awayOdd=1.1]
1> *Informacion [matchName=Match3, localOdd=4.1, awayOdd=1.05]*
1> Informacion [matchName=Match2, localOdd=3.1, awayOdd=1.15]
1>* Informacion [matchName=Match3, localOdd=4.1, awayOdd=1.05]*
4> Informacion [matchName=Match1, localOdd=1.1, awayOdd=3.22]
4> Informacion [matchName=Match1, localOdd=1.8, awayOdd=2.2]

It seems like it is taking the biggest value from all the matches and not
by keyed matches

I am looking for this:

Informacion [matchName=Match1, localOdd=1.8, awayOdd=2.2]
Informacion [matchName=Match2, localOdd=3.1, awayOdd=1.15]
Informacion [matchName=Match3, localOdd=4.1, awayOdd=1.05]

How can I get it?

Thanks in advanced

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