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From Josh <jof...@gmail.com>
Subject ClassCastException when redeploying Flink job on running cluster
Date Wed, 08 Jun 2016 08:38:32 GMT
Hi all,

Currently I have to relaunch my Flink cluster every time I want to
upgrade/redeploy my Flink job, because otherwise I get a ClassCastException:

java.lang.ClassCastException: com.me.avro.MyAvroType cannot be cast to

It's related to MyAvroType which is an class generated from an Avro schema.
The ClassCastException occurs every time I redeploy the job without killing
the Flink cluster (even if there have been no changes to the job/jar).

I wrote my own AvroDeserializationSchema in Scala which does something a
little strange to get the avro type information (see below), and I'm
wondering if that's causing the problem when the Flink job creates an

Does anyone have any ideas?


class AvroDeserializationSchema[T <: SpecificRecordBase :ClassTag] extends
DeserializationSchema[T] {


  private val avroType = classTag[T].runtimeClass.asInstanceOf[Class[T]]

  private val typeInformation = TypeExtractor.getForClass(avroType)


  override def getProducedType: TypeInformation[T] = typeInformation



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