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From simon peyer <simon.pe...@soom-it.ch>
Subject [RichFlattMapfunction] Configuration File
Date Fri, 20 May 2016 15:49:02 GMT
Hi folks

I'm extending a RichFlatMapFunction in order to use states on a keyed stream.
Concerning this i have two questions:

1. I have a  var state_item: ValueState[Option[String]] as a local variable in this class.
Initialized with state_item = getRuntimeContext.getState(new ValueStateDescriptor..... in
the open function.
Is the field state_item for every key different?

In other words if I have a key with val1 and val2 will these get two different states?

2. The open function contains a  override def open(conf: Configuration) configuration.
Is there a way to input a custom configuration in there?

Thanks Simon
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