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From Theofilos Kakantousis <t...@kth.se>
Subject Flink on Yarn - ApplicationMaster command
Date Tue, 19 Apr 2016 12:37:10 GMT
Hi everyone,

I'm using Flink 0.10.1 and hadoop 2.4.0 to implement a client that 
submits a flink application to Yarn. To keep it simple I use the 
ConnectedComponents app from flink examples.

I set the required properties (Resources, AM ContainerLaunchContext 
etc.) on the YARN client interface. What happens is the JobManager and 
TaskManager processes start and based on the logs containers are running 
but the actual application does not start. I'm probably missing the 
proper way to pass parameters to the ApplicationMaster and it cannot 
pick up the application it needs to run. Anyone knows where I could get 
some info on how to pass runtime params to the AppMaster?

The ApplicationMaster launchcontainer script includes the following:
exec /bin/bash -c "$JAVA_HOME/bin/java -Xmx1024M 
org.apache.flink.yarn.ApplicationMaster  -c 
org.apache.flink.examples.java.graph.ConnectedComponents 1> 
/tmp/stdOut5237161854714899800 2>  /tmp/stdErr606502839107545371 "

Thank you,

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