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From Prez Cannady <revp...@correlatesystems.com>
Subject Configuring task slots and parallelism for single node Maven executed
Date Mon, 18 Apr 2016 02:42:26 GMT
Some background.

I’m running Flink application on a single machine, instrumented by Spring Boot and launched
via the Maven Spring Boot plugin. Basically, I’m trying to figure out how much I can squeeze
out of a single node processing my task before committing to a cluster solution.

Couple of questions.

I assume the configuration options taskmanager.numberOfTaskSlots and parallelism.default pertain
to division of work on a single node. Am I correct?
Is there a way to configure these options programmatically instead of the configuration YAML?
Or some Maven tooling that can ingest a properly formatted Flink config? For the record, I’m
currently trying GlobalConfigeration.getConfiguration.setInteger(“<config option name>”,<config
option value>). I am also going to try supplying them as properties in the pom. I’m preparing
some tests to see if either of these do as I expect, but thought I’d ask in case I’m heading
down a rabbit hole.
I figure task slots is limited to the number of processors/cores/whatever available (and the
JVM can get at). Is this accurate?
Any feedback would be appreciated.

Prez Cannady  
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