I’ve switched my Flink version from 0.10.1 to 1.0 and I have a regression in some  of my unit tests.


To narrow the problem, here is what I’ve figured out:


-          I use a simple Streaming application with a source defined as “fromElements("Element 1", "Element 2", "Element 3")

-          I use a simple time window function with a 3 second window : timeWindowAll(Time.seconds(3))   

-          I use an apply() function and counts the total number of elements I get with a global counter


With the previous version, I got all three elements because, not because they are  triggered under 3 seconds, but because the source ends

With the 1.0 version, I don’t get any elements, and that’s annoying because as the source ends the application ends even if I sleep 5 seconds after the execute() method.


(If I replace fromElement with fromCollection with a 10000 element list and Time.second(3) with Time.millisecond(1), I get a random number of elements)


Is this behavior wanted ? If yes, how do I get my last elements now ?


Best regards,





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