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From "Sharma, Samiksha" <samiksha.sha...@here.com>
Subject TopologyBuilder throws java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError
Date Tue, 22 Mar 2016 21:41:55 GMT

I am converting a storm topology to Flink-storm topology using the flink-storm dependency.
When I run my code the FlinkTopologyBuilder eventually calls createTopology method in TopologyBuilder
and throws the error at the following highlighted line:-

public StormTopology createTopology() {

        Map<String, Bolt> boltSpecs = new HashMap<String, Bolt>();

        Map<String, SpoutSpec> spoutSpecs = new HashMap<String, SpoutSpec>();

        for(String boltId: _bolts.keySet()) {

            IRichBolt bolt = _bolts.get(boltId);

            ComponentCommon common = getComponentCommon(boltId, bolt);

            boltSpecs.put(boltId, new Bolt(ComponentObject.serialized_java(Utils.serialize(bolt)),


Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError

at backtype.storm.topology.TopologyBuilder.createTopology(TopologyBuilder.java:106)

at org.apache.flink.storm.api.FlinkTopologyBuilder.createTopology(FlinkTopologyBuilder.java:82)

at com.medio.services.avalanche.storm.common.BaseTopology.deploy(BaseTopology.java:118)

at com.medio.services.avalanche.realtime.eventcounter.EventCounterTopology.main(EventCounterTopology.java:18)

Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: Found multiple defaults.yaml resources. You're probably
bundling the Storm jars with your topology jar. [jar:file:/Users/samsharm/.m2/repository/storm/storm-core/!/defaults.yaml,

at backtype.storm.utils.Utils.findAndReadConfigFile(Utils.java:133)

at backtype.storm.utils.Utils.readDefaultConfig(Utils.java:160)

at backtype.storm.utils.Utils.readStormConfig(Utils.java:184)

at backtype.storm.utils.Utils.<clinit>(Utils.java:71)

... 4 more

Looks like some bad storm dependencies are getting in the project. May I request to please
assist what might be going wrong?

I also emailed the dev community, and got the following response. Following that did not help


I am not sure if this is useful, I once had similar issue.
Are you including storm-core dependency in your project? flink-storm
dependency doesn't need any specific storm-core dependency.

Just including flink-storm and removing storm-core dependency worked for me.

This has more information,


Samiksha Sharma

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