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From Stefano Baghino <stefano.bagh...@radicalbit.io>
Subject Flink on YARN: long-running session vs. one-off jobs
Date Mon, 07 Mar 2016 12:38:07 GMT
Hello everybody,

I'm currently studying how the Flink/YARN integration works. Right now I'm
a little confused about the practical difference in having a long-running
session on which one deploys several jobs or deploying these jobs

My intuition (which may not be correct) is that in the former ase a pool of
resources is allocated to the session and then the usage of these is
handled by the Flink JobManager, while in the latter case the resource
allocation is handled directly by YARN on a per-job basis. Am I right?

If what I said is (more or less) right and apart from security concerns
(which have been discussed in a previous thread
are there any further practical differences between having a long-running
session or letting YARN handle jobs?

Thank you in advance!

Stefano Baghino

Software Engineer @ Radicalbit

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