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From Olivier Mallassi <olivier.malla...@gmail.com>
Subject Storm topologies compatibility and exactly-once
Date Sun, 27 Mar 2016 09:31:53 GMT
hello all

I was reading the apache flink documentation and was particularly
interested in two things
- compatibility with storm api. AFAIU(i need to do more tests), you can
reuse storm defined topologies and run them on a Flink cluster. I was
wondering if this is "still a bĂȘta" or production ready? I have not looked
at the implementation but I also assume there is a kind of bridge between
the Storm APIs and the Flink internals so that you only exexute the
spout/bolt code and do not inherit the Storm internals, right?
- exactly once semantic. I have to say this is a great feature :). I was
wondering if this semantic is still available when running a Storm defined
topology in a Flink cluster (cf my previous point)

Thanks a lot for your help



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