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From Gwenhael Pasquiers <gwenhael.pasqui...@ericsson.com>
Subject Internal buffers supervision and yarn vCPUs
Date Thu, 04 Feb 2016 09:56:32 GMT

I’ve got two more questions on different topic…

First one :
Is there a way to monitor the buffers status. In order to  find bottleneck in our application
we though it could be usefull to be able to have a look at the different exchange buffers’
status. To know if they are full (or as an example if a mapper had to wait before being able
to push it’s data into the buffer). That way we can know where the bottleneck is.

Second one :
On type of resources on yarn is vCPU. In flink 0.8 there was a “-tmc” argument that allowed
to specify the number of vCPU per task manager. We cannot find it anymore. Was it removed
? Is there another way to set the number of vCPU. Or did it became useless ?

Thanks in advance.

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