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From Stefano Baghino <stefano.bagh...@radicalbit.io>
Subject Broadcast variable: error in the wiki?
Date Tue, 12 Jan 2016 10:49:54 GMT
Hi all, I'm starting to get familiar with Flink. With the help of a
colleague I've noticed what I think may be an error in the documentation
about broadcast variables (

The documentation states that a broadcast variable "takes a Flink DataSet
and makes it available to all function instances". Then it goes on with an
example of an anonymous MapFunction invoking the getRuntimeContext method.
However, if I got it right, you need to extend a RichMapFunction in order
to have access to the runtime context. We've checked the code as well and
it looks like getRuntimeContext is only available to classes extending

I'd like to edit the wiki page myself but unfortunately I don't seem to
have writing privileges. Is there a way for me to contribute to the
documentation? Thank you in advance.

Stefano Baghino

Software Engineer @ Radicalbit

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