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From David Kim <david....@braintreepayments.com>
Subject DeserializationSchema isEndOfStream usage?
Date Mon, 11 Jan 2016 20:39:58 GMT
Hello all,

I saw that DeserializationSchema has an API "isEndOfStream()".


Can *isEndOfStream* be utilized to somehow terminate a streaming flink job?

I was under the impression that if we return "true" we can control when a
stream can close. The use case I had in mind was controlling when
unit/integration tests would terminate a flink job. We can rely on the fact
that a test/spec would know how many items it expects to consume and then
switch *isEndOfStream* to return true.

Am I misunderstanding the intention for *isEndOfStream*?

I also set a breakpoint on *isEndOfStream* and saw that it never was hit
when using "FlinkKafkaConsumer082" to pass in a DeserializationSchema

Currently testing on 1.0-SNAPSHOT.


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