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From Fabian Hueske <fhue...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: ReduceByKeyAndWindow in Flink
Date Mon, 23 Nov 2015 09:47:04 GMT
Hi Konstantin,

let me first summarize to make sure I understood what you are looking for.
You computed an aggregate over a keyed event-time window and you are
looking for the maximum aggregate for each group of windows over the same
period of time.
So if you have
(key: 1, w-time: 10, agg: 17)
(key: 2, w-time: 10, agg: 20)
(key: 1, w-time: 20, agg: 30)
(key: 2, w-time: 20, agg: 28)
(key: 3, w-time: 20, agg: 5)

you would like to get:
(key: 2, w-time: 10, agg: 20)
(key: 1, w-time: 20, agg: 30)

If this is correct, you can do this as follows.
You can extract the window start and end time from the TimeWindow parameter
of the WindowFunction and key the stream either by start or end time and
apply a ReduceFunction on the keyed stream.

Best, Fabian

2015-11-23 8:41 GMT+01:00 Konstantin Knauf <konstantin.knauf@tngtech.com>:

> Hi everyone,
> me again :) Let's say you have a stream, and for every window and key
> you compute some aggregate value, like this:
> DataStream.keyBy(..)
>           .timeWindow(..)
>           .apply(...)
> Now I want to get the maximum aggregate value for every window over the
> keys. This feels like a pretty natural use case. How can I achieve this
> with Flink in the most compact way?
> The options I thought of so far are:
> * Use an allTimeWindow, obviously. Drawback is, that the WindowFunction
> would not be distributed by keys anymore.
> * use a windowAll after the WindowFunction to create windows of the
> aggregates, which originated from the same timeWindow. This could be
> done either with a TimeWindow or with a GlobalWindow with DeltaTrigger.
> Drawback: Seems unnecessarily complicated and doubles the latency (at
> least in my naive implementation ;)).
> * Of course, you could also just keyBy the start time of the window
> after the WindowFunction, but then you get more than one event for each
> window.
> Is there some easy way I am missing? If not, is there a technical
> reasons, why such an "reduceByKeyAndWindow"-operator is not available in
> Flink?
> Cheers,
> Konstantin

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