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From Thomas Götzinger <m...@simplydevelop.de>
Subject Flink on EC"
Date Thu, 29 Oct 2015 08:35:52 GMT
Hello Flink Team,

We at IESE Fraunhofer are evaluating Flink for a project and I'm a bit
frustrated in the moment.

I've wrote a few testcases with the flink API and want to deploy them to
an Flink EC2 Cluster. I setup the cluster using the
karamel receipt which was adressed in the following video


The setup works fine and the hello-flink app could be run. But afterwards I
want to copy some data from s3 bucket to the local ec2 hdfs cluster.

The hadoop fs -ls s3n.... works as well as cat,...
But if I want to copy the data with distcp the command freezes, and does
not respond until a timeout.

After trying a few things I gave up and start another solution. I want to
access the s3 Bucket directly with flink and import it using a
small flink programm which just reads s3 and writes to local hadoop. This
works fine locally, but on cluster the S3NFileSystem class is missing
(ClassNotFound Exception) althoug it is included in the jar file of the

I forked the chef receipt and updated to flink 0.9.1 but the same issue.

Is there another simple script to install flink with hadoop on an ec2
cluster and working s3n filesystem?


on Behalf of Fraunhofer IESE Kaiserslautern


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