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From Emmanuel <ele...@msn.com>
Subject Memory use reported on dashboard
Date Fri, 11 Sep 2015 17:31:03 GMT
I believe at some point I was told the JM doesn't need much memory so I had jobmanager.heap.mb
set to 128M
Looking at the TaskManager metrics on dashboard, I see my G1 YG GC is taking forever, and
it's usually because of low memory
and I read: Memory.heap.usedCurrent: 188MAvg: 188MMemory.flink.usedCurrent: 95MAvg: 95MMemory.non-heap.usedCurrent:
42MAvg: 42M
So I'm surprised: the JM has 128M but the TM has 6GB of RAMbut the side report of the TM says:Flink
Managed Memory: 95 mb
So I'm confused here: is the TM using the jobmanager.heap.mb value for some reason? Why does
the TM report 95MB when I allocated much more with taskmanager.heap.mb
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