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From Giacomo Licari <giacomo.lic...@gmail.com>
Subject Compile flink file with external jar
Date Mon, 21 Sep 2015 16:41:06 GMT
Hi guys,

I'm developing a dataflow client whose backend, exported as jar, allows
users to convert dataflows to a Flink file .java with some code inside. The
generated file naturally calls some classes I have in jar file, like
MapFunction, DataSet.

My question is:
How to compile the generated file and pack it into a jar file, so I can
execute it with Flink?

I have tried several methods like:

   - javac -cp backend.jar:. GeneratedClass.java
   - javac -cp ".:backend.jar" GeneratedClass.java
   - javac -cp ".:./backend.jar" GeneratedClass.java

with no success.

I receive errors like:
GeneratedClass.java:2: error: package org.apache.flink.api.common.functions
does not exist GeneratedClass.java:3: error: package
org.apache.flink.api.java does not exist

Thanks a lot,


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