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From Fabian Hueske <fhue...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Memory use reported on dashboard
Date Fri, 11 Sep 2015 20:11:10 GMT
Hi Emmanuel,

it is true that the JobManager does not need a lot of memory, 128M is close
to the lower bound that I would recommend.

TaskManager memory configuration has a few more options. This is because,
the TaskManager takes a certain portion of its heap aside and manages this
memory by itself (we call this portion managed memory). This works as
follows. The parameter taskmanager.heap.mb specifies the total heap size of
a task manager JVM process. The size of the managed memory can be defined
in two ways:
- either using the parameter taskmanager.memory.fraction, which defines the
size of the managed memory proportional to the size of the heap (0.7 means
70% of the available heap after initialization are managed by the TM itself)
- or using the parameter taskmanager.memory.size which gives defines the
absolute size of the managed memory.

By default, the taskmanager.memory.fraction parameter is set 0.7.

The metrics that the web dashboard reports relate to this configuration as
- Memory.heap.used: the amount of used heap memory which is controlled by
the JVM.
- Memory.flink.used: the amount of heap memory which is managed by the TM
(managed memory). Managed memory is always considered as "used".
- Memory.non-heap.used: the amount of used non-heap memory of the TM JVM.

Looking at the numbers you mentioned, something looks indeed wrong. If you
did not touch the taskmanager.memory.fraction or taskmanager.memory.size
parameter, the managed memory should be about 70% of the unused heap after
initialization. If you set taskmanager.heap.mb to 6144 (6GB) the managed
memory should be about 4300MB. Adding managed and used heap memory (and
assuming all heap memory is used) the size of the total size of the TM heap
is 188MB + 95MB = 283MB which is far of 6GB.

What kind of setup are you running (local, cluster, YARN)?
In a YARN setup, the TM heap size is automatically configured to the size
of the TaskManager’s YARN container, minus a certain tolerance value.
In a local setup, only a single JVM process is started for both JM and TM.
The both heap sizes are added for that.
Can you verify that taskmanager.heap.mb is correctly set?

Thanks, Fabian

2015-09-11 19:31 GMT+02:00 Emmanuel <eleroy@msn.com>:

> Hello,
> I believe at some point I was told the JM doesn't need much memory so I
> had jobmanager.heap.mb set to 128M
> Looking at the TaskManager metrics on dashboard, I see my G1 YG GC is
> taking forever, and it's usually because of low memory
> and I read:
> *Memory.heap.used*
> Current: 188MAvg: 188M
> *Memory.flink.used*
> Current: 95MAvg: 95M
> *Memory.non-heap.used*
> Current: 42MAvg: 42M
> So I'm surprised: the JM has 128M but the TM has 6GB of RAM
> but the side report of the TM says:
> Flink Managed Memory: 95 mb
> So I'm confused here: is the TM using the jobmanager.heap.mb value for
> some reason? Why does the TM report 95MB when I allocated much more with
> taskmanager.heap.mb
> Thanks

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