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From Philipp Goetze <philipp.goe...@tu-ilmenau.de>
Subject Window based on tuple timestamps
Date Fri, 18 Sep 2015 11:19:11 GMT
Hello again,

another question from me =). Could you provide an example on how to 
correctly use windows based on timestamps on the tuples (i.e. non-realtime)?

As a simple example I tried something like this:

    val w4 = rdfSource.window(Time.of(200000L, customTimestamp,
    1219625100000L)).mapWindow(customMap _).flatten().print()

In the customMap I just collect all tuples in one list for each window. 
However, this does not work correctly as sometimes all the records are 
collected in one list, although there should be two windows for the 
example data.

Best Regards,

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