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From "Dipl.-Inf. Rico Bergmann" <i...@ricobergmann.de>
Subject Duplicates in Flink
Date Tue, 01 Sep 2015 12:37:48 GMT

I still have an issue... I was now using 0.9.1 and the new 
KafkaConnector. But I still get duplicates in my flink prog. Here's the 
relevant part:

         final FlinkKafkaConsumer082<String> kafkaSrc = new 
             kafkaTopicIn, new SimpleStringSchema(), properties);

         DataStream<String> start = env.addSource(kafkaSrc)
             .setParallelism(numReadPartitions); //numReadPartitions = 2

         DataStream<JSONObject> jsonized = start
             .flatMap(new ExtractAndFilterJSON());

         DataStream<Session> sessions = jsonized
             .partitionByHash(new KeySelector<JSONObject, String>() {
              * partition by session id
             public String getKey(JSONObject value)
                 throws Exception {
                 try {
                 return /*session id*/;
                 } catch (Exception e) {
                 LOG.error("no session could be retrieved", e);
                 return "";
             }).flatMap(new StatefulSearchSessionizer());

In the StatefulSearchSessionizer I receive duplicates sporadically. I'm 
sure that the kafka topic I'm reading from does not contain any 
duplicates. So it must be in the flink program ...

Any ideas?

Cheers, Rico.

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