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From Gwenhael Pasquiers <gwenhael.pasqui...@ericsson.com>
Subject RE: Application-specific loggers configuration
Date Wed, 26 Aug 2015 08:12:27 GMT
Hi !

Yes, we’re starting our job with  “flink run --jobmanager yarn-cluster”

So it’s perfect, we’ll use your fix and, when it’s out, we’ll switch to flink 0.9.1.


From: Aljoscha Krettek [mailto:aljoscha@apache.org]
Sent: mardi 25 août 2015 19:25
To: user@flink.apache.org
Subject: Re: Application-specific loggers configuration

Hi Gwenhaël,
are you using the one-yarn-cluster-per-job mode of Flink? I.e., you are starting your Flink
job with (from the doc):

flink run -m yarn-cluster -yn 4 -yjm 1024 -ytm 4096 ./examples/flink-java-examples-0.10-SNAPSHOT-WordCount.jar

If you are, then this is almost possible on the current version of Flink. What you have to
do is copy the conf directory of Flink to a separate directory that is specific to your job.
There you make your modifications to the log configuration etc. Then, when you start your
job you do this instead:

export FLINK_CONF_DIR=/path/to/my/conf
flink run -m yarn-cluster -yn 4 -yjm 1024 -ytm 4096 ./examples/flink-java-examples-0.10-SNAPSHOT-WordCount.jar

You can easily put this into your startup script, of course.

I said almost possible because this requires a small fix in bin/flink. Around line 130 this
needs to be replaced by this line:

(We will fix this in the upcoming version and the 0.9.1 bugfix release.)

Does this help? Let us know if you are not using the one-yarn-cluster-per-job mode, then we'll
have to try to find another solution.


On Tue, 25 Aug 2015 at 16:22 Gwenhael Pasquiers <gwenhael.pasquiers@ericsson.com<mailto:gwenhael.pasquiers@ericsson.com>>

We’re developing the first of (we hope) many flink streaming app.

We’d like to package the logging configuration (log4j) together with the jar. Meaning, different
application will probably have different logging configuration (ex: to different logstash
ports) …

Is there a way to “override” the many log4j properties files that are in flink/conf./*.properties

In our environment, the flink binaries would be on the PATH, and our apps would be :

-          Jar file

-          App configuration files

-          Log configuration files

-          Startup script


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