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From hagersaleh <loveallah1...@yahoo.com>
Subject How can generation dataset in flink automatic depend on number of filed and data type
Date Sat, 11 Apr 2015 14:24:47 GMT
I want write program flink on any database
user input filed and type of filed and
when read database want generate  automatic function  dataset

any example in flink i want database and write function to handles this
final ExecutionEnvironment env =

                // get input data
                DataSet<Lineitem> lineitems = getLineitemDataSet(env);
                DataSet<Order> orders = getOrdersDataSet(env);
                DataSet<Customer> customers = getCustomerDataSet(env);

        //     DATA TYPES
        public static class Lineitem extends Tuple4<Long, Double, Double,
String> {

                public Long getOrderkey() { return this.f0; }
                public Double getDiscount() { return this.f2; }
                public Double getExtendedprice() { return this.f1; }
                public String getShipdate() { return this.f3; }

        public static class Customer extends Tuple2<Long, String> {
                public Long getCustKey() { return this.f0; }
                public String getMktsegment() { return this.f1; }

        public static class Order extends Tuple4<Long, Long, String, Long> {
                public Long getOrderKey() { return this.f0; }
                public Long getCustKey() { return this.f1; }
                public String getOrderdate() { return this.f2; }
                public Long getShippriority() { return this.f3; }

I want generate this automatic for any database and input from user 

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