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From Emmanuel <ele...@msn.com>
Subject Flink logs only written to one host
Date Thu, 12 Mar 2015 17:30:28 GMT
I'm using a 3 nodes (3VMs) cluster, 3CPUs each, parallelism of 9, I usually only see taskmanager.out
logs generated only on one of the 3 nodes when I use the System.out.println() method, to print
debug info in my main processing function.
Is this expected? Or am I just doing something wrong? I stream from a socket with socketTextStream;
I understand that this job runs on a single process, and I see that in the UI (using one slot
only), but the computation task runs on 9 slots. That task includes the System.out.println()
statement, yet it only shows on one host's .out log folder. The host is not always the same,
so I have to tail all logs on all hosts, but I'm surprised of this behavior.Am I just missing
something? Are 'print' statement to stdout aggregated on one host somehow? If so how is this
controlled? Why would that host change?
I would love to understand what is going on, and if maybe somehow the 9 slots may be running
on a single host which would defeat the purpose.
Thanks for the insight
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