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From Márton Balassi <balassi.mar...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: WriteAsText bug or bad name?
Date Wed, 29 Oct 2014 20:52:09 GMT
Dear Flavio,

Yes, the writeAsText() merthod really creates a folder which contains a
file for each execution thread, so your threads do not block each other and
the execution can use multiple cores on your machine. You can see similar
results if you try it with env.execute() from an IDE.

There are filesystems, HDFS to mention the most prominent one which can
transparently treat such folder structure as a single file and then it
would behave as you expect. I hope this answers your question.



On Wed, Oct 29, 2014 at 8:31 PM, Flavio Pompermaier <pompermaier@okkam.it>

> Hi to all,
> running the example at
> http://flink.incubator.apache.org/docs/0.7-incubating/local_execution.html
> I was thinking that the writeAsText on a local file was creating a text
> file on my local filesystem..instead it creates something similar to a
> sequence file (within a folder).
> This is something misleading I think...or the API name is wrong or this is
> a bug (IMHO).
> Btw..how can I modify the following program to write results in a single
> text file on my local filesystem?
> public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
>  ExecutionEnvironment env = ExecutionEnvironment.createLocalEnvironment();
>  DataSet<String> data = env.readTextFile("file:///tmp/res.txt");
>  data.filter(new FilterFunction<String>() {
>    public boolean filter(String value) {
>     return value.startsWith("http://");
>    }
>   }).writeAsText("file:///tmp/res.txt");
>   env.execute();}
> Best,
> Flavio

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