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From Biao Liu <mmyy1...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Flink大state读取磁盘,磁盘IO打满,任务相互影响的问题探讨
Date Mon, 23 Sep 2019 06:39:10 GMT

IO 量这么大符合预期吗?而且是读硬盘打满。
1. 业务方面的调优,例如对 state 的使用是否合理
2. 系统层面的调优,例如 incremental checkpoint [1]


Biao /'bɪ.aʊ/

On Tue, 10 Sep 2019 at 14:39, Wesley Peng <wesley@thepeng.eu> wrote:

> on 2019/9/10 13:47, 蒋涛涛 wrote:
> > 尝试手段:
> >
> > 1. 手动迁移IO比较高的任务到其他机器,但是yarn任务提交比较随机,只能偶尔为之
> >
> > 2. 目前没有SSD,只能用普通STATA盘,目前加了两块盘提示磁盘IO能力,但是单盘对单任务的磁盘IO瓶颈还在
> >
> > 还有哪些策略可以解决或者缓解么?
> It seems the tricks to improve RocksDB's throughput might be helpfu.
> With writes and reads accessing mostly the recent data, our goal is to
> let them stay in memory as much as possible without using up all the
> memory on the server. The following parameters are worth tuning:
> Block cache size: When uncompressed blocks are read from SSTables, they
> are cached in memory. The amount of data that can be stored before
> eviction policies apply is determined by the block cache size. The
> bigger the better.
> Write buffer size: How big can Memtable get before it is frozen.
> Generally, the bigger the better. The tradeoff is that big write buffer
> takes more memory and longer to flush to disk and to recover.
> Write buffer number: How many Memtables to keep before flushing to
> SSTable. Generally, the bigger the better. Similarly, the tradeoff is
> that too many write buffers take up more memory and longer to flush to
> disk.
> Minimum write buffers to merge: If most recently written keys are
> frequently changed, it is better to only flush the latest version to
> SSTable. This parameter controls how many Memtables it will try to merge
> before flushing to SSTable. It should be less than the write buffer
> number. A suggested value is 2. If the number is too big, it takes
> longer to merge buffers and there is less chance of duplicate keys in
> that many buffers.
> The list above is far from being exhaustive, but tuning them correctly
> can have a big impact on performance. Please refer to RocksDB’s Tuning
> Guide for more details on these parameters. Figuring out the optimal
> combination of values for all of them is an art in itself.
> please ref: https://klaviyo.tech/flinkperf-c7bd28acc67
> regards.

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