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Subject [GitHub] [flink] curcur edited a comment on pull request #16606: [FLINK-21357][runtime/statebackend]Periodic materialization for generalized incremental checkpoints
Date Tue, 14 Sep 2021 06:07:18 GMT

curcur edited a comment on pull request #16606:
URL: https://github.com/apache/flink/pull/16606#issuecomment-917898103

   Roman and I had several long discussions on interfaces between Materialization and [`ChangelogKeyedStatebackend`](https://github.com/apache/flink/commit/3421b81c2502f61112bd131a7336c16e3dd30925#diff-e071e8a89527c24be4ee5ee342ad7d47c870170ef915d1407d18e998f7847f16L108).
Document here for future reference.
   The main difference is between who is responsible to **keep and update** `ChangelogKeyedStatebackend`'s
related states, denoted as [`ChangelogSnapshotState`](https://github.com/apache/flink/commit/3421b81c2502f61112bd131a7336c16e3dd30925#diff-79beab2a7108881b64ac4b482a6446e06623efa7e19ac4b0018c7cf20c35e88aR39)
including three parts:
    - materialized snapshot from the underlying delegated state backend
    - non-materialized part in the current changelog
    - non-materialized changelog, from previous logs (before failover or rescaling) 
   We've discussed and tried out three versions:
   1. `Materialization` coupled with `ChangelogKeyedStatebackend`, 
   implemented in commit **fbd1e2d38ae6353506ceac8eb074bd24bdb29b62**
   	Where `PeriodicMaterializer` is an inner class of `ChangelogKeyedStatebackend`
   	- Pros: states are shared, easy to reason about
   	- Cons: Coupled too closely, not flexible or extendible for keyedstatebackend or materializer
   	Not to mention further, this approach is discarded during early discussion.
   2. `ChangelogSnapshotState` are kept in materializer. Materializer is conceptually taken
as a way to connect delegated state backend to changelog. How to connect: through `ChangelogSnapshotState`,
as denoted above.
   implemented in commit **3421b81c2502f61112bd131a7336c16e3dd30925**
       - Pros: 
         1. Good isolation and extensibility. Clear view the changelog keyedstatebackend as
four parts: 
   	    - log writer, delegated statebackend, materializer, and wrapper changelogkeyedstatebackend
for double writing
         2. More natural to understand and implement.
   	    - State is updated by the materializer, and accessible by changelogKeyedStateBackend
   	    - Materializer is part of ChangelogKeyedStateBackend
       - Cons: 
   	  1. according to Roman, ChangelogKeyedStateBackend has implicit states (like state double
writes) besides the three mentioned above; 
   	  2. optimization (like batched writes) need to update materilizer as well
   3. `ChangelogSnapshotState` and its updates are kept in ChangelogKeyedStatBackend. Materialization
works as a stateless Materialization Manager providing function utilities.
   Implemented as commit **75dec43024d91b896d488a4c9e979d486228398a**
       - Pros:
   	  1. All states are wrapped in ChangelogKeyedStatBackend
   	  2. Conceptually also works naturally
       - Cons:
   	 Circular constructor. `Materialization Manager` needs access to `ChangelogKeyedStatBackend`
to update `ChangelogSnapshotState`
   	 `ChangelogKeyedStatBackend` is created from StateBackend#createKeyedStateBackend. 
   	  To avoid circular construction, `Materialization Manager` has to be exposed at the time
creating ChangelogKeyedStatBackend. 
   @rkhachatryan what do you think Roman?

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